‘The Button’, Chapter 3, a book by Katherine M Waters

Charlotte’s mother was furious about the laptop but couldn’t appear to be as her daughter had been away for four days and needed a good welcome home. Charlotte got off lightly and her mom spent the evening searching through her reboot cds.

She was standing near a river and knew that a mermaid was close by. Waking up she felt an enormous sense of well being. She wasn’t lonely, in fact she wasn’t alone.

Going downstairs early for breakfast she was surprised to see her father. Tony was cooler than her mom, well, who wouldn’t be! He just wasn’t around much. She made eight slices of cheese on toast, emmental , for it’s sweet nuttiness, white stilton to create a bridge and halloumi to add salt. Split in equal shares, she added diced russett and cucumber to balance the effect. “Hey Jamie, calm down, when did you develop such an appetite? Did they not feed you in Poland?” Tony was always a big joker. But not, it seemed such a big eater, leaving two slices on his plate that Charlotte polished off before heading off to meet Ellie.

Ellie was late, very late. In fact the last two days of the trip, she’d been a real; Charlotte wouldn’t demean herself by saying bitch, but actually….. what was wrong with her best friend? When she eventually turned up Tanya was with her and they wanted to go to NewLook…..ehhm hello, didn’t we outgrow that in year eleven?

Charlotte was home by 4.30pm and kinda at a loss what to do.

Turning on her laptop, she looked up the address in Warszawa again. The screen looked different somehow, googling Piotre Kowaluk nothing much came back except a Facebook page. “no luck there…thanks Mom”, she clicked on to it out of habit, expecting the usual block but was allowed through. “Woo, Mum forgot the restrictions, thankyooo, now my precious, let’s play”.


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