‘The Button’, Chapter2, a book by Katherine M Waters

The coach had got them back to school by 3 o’clock but they’d been allowed to go home early. It made no difference to Charlotte, she always got in before her parents. Sitting on her bed she had the buton in her hand. Faded blue and white, scruffy material covered the top and was then tucked into the split that separated the two halves. “Such an ordinary thing but imagine if it could speak?  Actually that’s rubbish,  I bet it’s a repro”. She lent over to her bedside cabinet and picked up her nail file. Prising open the two halves she expected to see ‘made in China’ stamped on the inside. Instead there was a thin but long, rolled up piece of paper.  “Oh shit”. She very carefully unrolled the letter,  because that’s what it was.  On one side, in tiny writing it looked like an address, though she couldn’t understand any of it. On the other side was incredibly small writing, that ended with a name, Zofia.
“Need a magnifying glass,  no hope there. Scan, then enlarge,  ha, they didn’t have that in WW2.
Zooming in she could see that it was a letter, address one side and message the other. Maria Kowaluk, Rycerska 4 Warszawa
Her parents had had installed a very specific search engine into Charlotte’s laptop,  that didn’t allow access to so many things,  Facebook included but Google maps, Earth and Translate were classed as educational and therefore allowed.  Within minutes she had sourced the apartment in the Old Town, that she thought probably hadn’t been classed as Old at the time.
The message was a bit creepy and probably not ‘quite right’.
Beloved sister, don’t let Piotre visit uncle Frank, he’s dangerous very.  Zofia.
With that the screen crashed. Charlotte swore and pushed restart but it wouldn’t come on.
An overwhelming hunger came over her and she realised that she hadn’t eaten since breakfast.

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