‘No Worries’ by Katherine M Waters

George Pearson was the inventor, founder and eventually the CEO of NO WORRIES. Launching the brand in 2016 it had been an immediate success, outstripping Facebook in its’ member numbers by 2017.

To begin with the idea had been simple, a sort of modern day confessional and, of course, it had been free then. A new member would sign up and be invited to design their own human looking avatar. Every subsequent visit the avatar would ask the member if they had anything to tell them. Once the ‘confession’ had been typed in the avatar would engrave it onto a brass plaque and put it into its’ bag. The more visits the member made the bigger the bag would get.

Membership to NO WORRIES had a hugely cathartic effect on its’ members, people walked taller, moaned less and smiled more. In fact, once the ‘feel good factor’ was recognised people smiled a lot, sometimes at previously ‘out of bounds’ other people. The number of illicit affairs started to increase exponentially, petty crimes and lying were, in surveys, perceived to be on the rise.

However the real breakthrough for NO WORRIES came with the launch of DARPA’s new microchip in 2019. Designed as an implant to monitor the health of the body, wearers were constantly plugged into their personal sets which of course were also in conversation with NO WORRIES.

The friends and family of those who were both NO WORRIES members and DARPACHIP carriers started to notice a change, in fact, a memory loss.

The ‘Act’ that had been written down as the confession was forgotten as soon as the plaque was placed in the bag.

NO WORRIES was soon dubbed ‘GUILTFREE’; membership went through the roof and became a tiered system. Once the micro-bag was full and had to be replaced by the mini-bag charges started to be made; the bigger the bag the higher the cost; it quickly became a more expensive habit than cocaine. And to pay for the habit, crime was the answer; muggings, burglary, assassinations, slavery and the sex industry had never been so commonplace.

The heads of all the churches in the technological world came together insisting that the politicians outlaw the company, but, of course the greatest subscribers were the men and women in charge of the countries.

All law and order broke down as politicians, judges, teachers, heads of police and the army; joined forces with hardened criminals, warlords, the mafia, gangs and drug barons in a free for all orgy of killings, torture, mass rape, cannibalism and bestiality.

The innocents fled to the countryside and hid, leaving the cities to self-destruct.

After a month of mayhem, there was silence.


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