‘A Canal Journey’, Day 3 by Lucy Waters

Wednesday 3rd June. “We’re going into Oxford today!” I Thought joyfully as I got up, Elsie, once again, was sitting up in the very flowery bed. It’s a beautiful shade of dark red with a criss-cross pattern covering it all like a giant spiders web, huge, gorgeous flowers, buds and leaves in red, green and a gentle blue. It turns out Don had to go to work early so it was just us at breakfast. We were sucked into the fiction and fantasy, non-fiction and informational world of books for hours me and Elsie were. It was incredibly relaxing!

After Breakfast we set about making Kamille’s birthday cards-it’s her birthday on Sat 6th. It took us forever! Until at least 11:10. My card must have been as big as a skyscraper once I’d finished… I stuck a piece of Japanese ink paper on to a plain card and stuck a raised-so you get a shadow effect-piece of Japanese ink paper with holes shaped like butterflies in it on top so you see a different background through the butterflies, next I stuck inside another piece of the ink paper on about ¾ of the card and on the plain part wrote a happy birthday message. I then stuck a new card on the back of the decorated one using thick, sticky foam thing and hid a birthday badge in the space in between, after that, I did the same in the inside page as I did on the first one and stuck japanese ink paper on ¾ of it before writing a poem about being 21 on the blank space. It looked very modern! Finally I drew an extremely intricately decorated 21 on the back.

Elsie, using the ink paper also, make an amazing flag written on which was a message. She singed the edges to make it look old and as though it had been through the wars then, using useful bits of metal, she attached it to the flagpole (which was actually a pencil covered in purple ribbon) and finished it off by making the ends of the ribbon straggly and unkempt to make the whole thing ancient looking. It was wonderful… The message said this… “The four wings flew to the four corners of the earth and protected the traveller wherever she went.!

Having finished the cards, we set of taking the dogs for a walk in the glorious summer heat. The sun’s rays were beating down on us like torch beams and the cloudless, blue sky was like a pane of clear blue glass. Lunch we ate on the move as we walked down to the train station to wait for the 12:55 to Oxford. In Oxford It was wicked! First had to post the birthday cards and when I asked what the damp sponge for wetting stamps was and Elsie answers by explaining that people never liked licking stamps, the women at the counter said she never liked licking stamps because they had calories in them and she got fatter by the day! Elsie then had some bank bussiness to do so we went there next, we ate a yogurt each in the beautiful gardens of Christ Church and I entertained everybody with some gymnastics, then we went to the Pitt Rivers museum which was amazing! And so Interesting!We saw recycled meterials made into board games and such; learnt about tattooing and sacrification; jewllery and saw shrunken heads!

After Pitt Rivers came Ashmolean where we looked at the egyptians, greeks, gods in colour which was about how the statues were painted when they were new and some art done by a guy who looked at the darker side of american lifestyles and pop art.

We then went back to the station to catch the 17:46 train and Don met us at the station so we could drive back to the boat because by now are feet were aching as if they’d been beaten with a stick.

Supper was fish pie with crispy potato followed by a nice, relaxing, finger crushing game of Irish Snap!

Tomorrow morning we shall go back to their art studio and hang out there before my mum comes to pick me up and take me back to Willow tree. I’ve had the time of my life living on the canal and I hope sometime I’ll be able to do it again. 🙂


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