‘A Canal Journey’, Day 2 by Lucy Waters

6:58 on Tuesday 2nd June. I awoke to Billie breathing deaply in a truelly contented sleep. Jamming my clumsy hands into my eyes I rubbed the weary sleep from them so it jumped up from my skin before realising it couldn’t fly and landing on the matress. The weather was gloomy… Rain slashed through the morning sky in a mountanous veil of water which crashed into and rocked the boat. There are different types of rain: sleet, an almost inaudible shlump, shulmp on the ground and roof, sunshine rain, nothing much, the sun is shining dazzlingly bright and every few steps a few drops of refreshing water drop onto your upturned face, spitting, the sun isn’t sparkling but the sky isn’t grey and tiny drops of light rain fall everywhere in a gentle pittapatta, rain rain, normal everyday rain, what you picture when you’re told to think of it, which makes the sound of a maracca, and rain storm… Callosal streaks of freezing cold water ripping apart the earth and pounding against everything like a hammer as it makes the sound of galloping hooves on concrete!

It was a rain storm today: transparent water horses cantering in a terrific race to catch us first. With an almighty stretch I slipped out of my bunk and made my way towards the door. Billie was still fast asleep the sweety! Yesterday had worn her out completely! Silently so as not to wake her up, I crept past Billie and through the door. Billie, Bless her, didn’t move a muscle. framed by the doorway, Elsie and Don looked like a picture sitting in their make shift bed like that. I shuffled past the cupboards and into the kitchen, then I read them day 1 of this story/diary. Cheerily we all sat on the bed and chatted while they drank tea and coffee.

After a while I glanced over my shoulder to check on Billie. She was still fast asleep and hadn’t moved an inch since I left her! Now it was just getting silly.

“She’s still sleeping like a log!” I cried.

“Really?” Don asked in dismay.


“well there was a lot of excitement yesterday.” Elsie stated “maybe we wore her out more than we thought we did?”

“yeah, but still, who sleeps that heavily?”

After breakfast we got dressed and set off down the canal.

A short boat trip took us to an arm of canal where we moored and Elsie and I took the dogs for a walk. It was lovely… The sweetly singing song birds were filling the crisp morning air with their superb voices and the whispering weeds ,swaying in the gentle breeze, were chattering about the latest gossip. Zofia and Billie sprinted ahead, thoroughly enjoying themselves in thrill of it all. We let them of their leads once we were round the corner and walked calmly behind, talking.

After Don at a lock, I went inside and finished The Great Plague my story because by then we were soaked to the bones! 40 minutes passed and finally we reached the incredibly deep lock they’d been telling me about… I stood outside as we sank deeper and deeper into the belly of the beast!

Next we went for another shorter walk and my second pair of shoes got soaking and then had another short boat trip before mooring. Don had to go and get a pump and do a few other chores so Elsie and I did as much as we could of a 500 piece jelly baby jigsaw puzzle. It was so fustrating! Then we we walked down to their wacky art studio and joined with Don again.

At the studio we did some training with Billie and got some footage of me training her. She is such a clever little dog! We did heel, taught her to stay, did sit, lie down, paw left and paw right, beg and walk! She like a cute circus dog!


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